Jenny Wilde

Photography and mixed media art  

Jenny Wilde is a photographer and mixed media artist residing in Houston, TX.  She has a studio space (Studio 20) at Hardy and Nance Studios which she shares with renowned Houston photographer Kenneth Hudson.  

Jenny creates on the premise that photography is ultimately an act of nostalgia in our disposable world.   Her work evokes a sense of history through the selection of her subject matter, emphasis on details and textures such as grit and rust, and stylistic choices in finishing her images.  The lasting impression is one of connection with lives lived before us, destabilized by anxiety in these connections disappearing.  Her art is thus a celebration as well as a requiem.  

Jenny goes beyond the original photographic image in the fabrication of her mixed media work using mostly reclaimed materials such as antique wood and architectural elements, combined with layers of acrylics, ink, gels, and stains.  Each completed piece is the culmination of a unique journey that is dictated by the image and the materials in organic transformation.  The process is an expression of her worldview: there are no extra things.  

In addition to her own art, Jenny lends her photographic vision to select commercial projects, including in-studio or on-location portraiture, industrial photography, event photography, artwork photography, and more.  Team shooting ventures with Kenneth Hudson are also available.  For more info, visit the commercial work gallery or contact the artist directly.